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New York, NY


Experienced Psychiatrist in Mount Vernon, NY

Wingspan Psychiatric, LLC can match you with a seasoned New York, NY psychiatrist who will offer you attentive therapy sessions. We understand the psychological challenges many people face in life, and we'll do our best to provide you with a workable solution. Our compassionate, nonjudgmental approach allows us to work closely with you so that we can hopefully uncover the source of your issues.

Regardless of the complexity of your problems, we can offer you services that are meant to address your specific needs. You can schedule with us to receive:

  • Psychiatric counseling
  • General addiction therapy
  • Teenage therapy
  • Children's therapy
  • Help with medication management

If you care to speak to a New York, NY psychiatrist, Wingspan Psychiatric, LLC is ready to welcome you. We try to satisfy every client by offering service that's honest and reliable. We'll also do everything we can to alleviate any anxieties you may be feeling about seeking psychiatric help. Feel free to call us now for more information.